Data safekeeping: Security

Data security is more important than ever. With breaches in the news daily, extra care and vigilance is required to keep data safe and the service in good condition.

With Whally, you’re in good hands (fins?). Extensive effort and care have gone into the design of Whally to ensure it follows the latest best practices in information and systems security, to keep the data safe and the bad guys out. The Whally engineering team brings deep experience in secure design and operations from years of academic training and experience in military environments.

Security is a very technical subject. We welcome a conversation with anyone interested in reviewing the specifics of our techniques and protections. We think you’ll find that Whally is perhaps even over-engineered for security compared to its peers. This includes all the standard things like encryption and authentication, but also enterprise-grade security features and infrastructure including granular access controls and auditing.

Some aspects contributing to our security posture include:

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