Why Whally: 6 Reasons

Whally: a fresh and friendly approach to school and childcare management

Whally is software that helps educators manage and improve their schools and childcare centers. With many delightful features gathered together in a single app, Whally is a capable and ever-improving school management platform and student information system.

That’s swell, you might say, but how is Whally different from other software solutions in its category? A reasonable question! Indeed, we thought a lot about this before creating a new solution in a space where legacy solutions have been serving as options for years. In the end, we thought a friendly new face was needed, and Whally was born. Here are the reasons we think Whally stands out from the rest.

Modern and fresh

Whally is the new kid on the block and arrives with new ideas and standards about what software of its kind should be able to do. Created in 2020, you’ll notice that everything in Whally has that new car smell. We had the opportunity to approach features in a fresh way without ties to past assumptions.

The result is software that is super-fast, friendly, usable, flexible, reliable, and secure. We think you’ll be able to see and feel the difference. Just head to our demo playground to experience it for yourself.

We believe quality and details matter, and always strive to go beyond the merely functional toward the elegant and satisfying.

Tailored to you

In our experience with alternatives, educators are forced into a mold that is the average of all the other schools or childcare centers out there. These legacy solutions assume you’ll fit this mold, and to the extent you don’t, you’ll work around the things that don’t make sense for you.

Whally takes a personalized approach and assumes each school will have unique needs. We designed Whally to adapt to those needs like a glove. Whally allows you to customize extensively so the software fits your operations and brand in a way that feels natural, not forced.

Integration friendly

We noticed that most legacy solutions in early education don’t play nice with others, in the sense they provide few options for integrating with other apps or tools. This blocks convenient workflows and results in duplicated information and extra effort.

Whally was designed from the beginning as the most integration-friendly solution out there. In our opinion, you should be able to connect any tool with Whally and use them together in harmony. Whally is the first platform of its kind to offer a complete and approachable API that allows for practically any integration to be created in the future.

We look forward to helping you build seamless and time-saving integrations.

Taking data seriously

We confess to get pretty nerdy about data. In working with other solutions, we were often disappointed in their ability to maintain clean, organized, and well-structured information. But having clean and understandable information is central to keeping everyone on the same page, maintaining compliance and frankly, your own sanity.

Whally goes to great lengths to treat your data with care and respect, which we hope will bring about more data happiness.

Ready for any scale

From one-room schools and home daycares to large school networks, educational teams come in many shapes and sizes. Whally was designed with this difference and scale in mind. Whether you have a single location, a small family of local schools, or an international network, Whally scales to meet your needs.

Improving with your feedback

At Whally we enjoy nothing more than talking to educators and understanding what we can do to help make their days and schools better – and then improving our product to solve those problems. If you’ve found yourself frustrated with lack of improvement or understanding from other solutions, we think you’ll find our attitude and results a breath of fresh air.