All of Whally: $3

Education elevated for a simple monthly price per child

Hoping for personalized pricing? Nice people may qualify 😉. Talk to us!

All features, no limits

Complete solution, one price

Whally bundles all the tools you need for a great educational team. Only pay for enrolled children.

  • Integrated, unobtrusive parent feedback
  • Beautiful, actionable reports
  • Flexible, comprehensive roled-based permissions
  • Fast, unified app/portal everyone can use
  • Non-awkward management of multiple locations
  • Modern, comprehensive API integrates with anything

Reasonable questions

Is there a setup/onboarding fee?
Nope! We will work with your team one-on-one to set up Whally and get your data transferred over.
Who counts as an enrolled child?
This means an active child/student in your environment, indicated by recent attendance or active billing plans. Inactive or archived students can stay in the system forever at no charge.
Can I pay annually?
Sure! Please talk to us about invoiced prepayment options. There may even be a discount involved...
Is there enterprise pricing for larger organizations?
Whally was created in part to handle the demands of educational enterprises with larger teams and multiple locations. Contact us to discuss your needs!
Are there any additional usage fees?
In certain cases, there may be additional fees asscoiated with use of features like text messaging, which incurs a small per-message charge. We work hard to minimize these.
What are the transaction fees for tuition billing?
Tuition billing will include transaction fees from our payment provider, Stripe. These fees are deducted from the payouts and depend on the payment method used. Whally does not itself collect any transaction fees and we work with Stripe to negotiate lower rates where possible.
What if I have a different question?
The most reasonable thing to do is probably to ask us. We like answering. Our email: